a bundle of sensory nerve fibers going to the thalamus
Syn: ↑fillet
Hypernyms: ↑sensory nerve, ↑afferent nerve, ↑afferent

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  • lemniscus — ● lemniscus nom masculin invariable (latin lemniscus, du grec lêmniskos, ruban) Lemniscus médian, faisceau de fibres nerveuses du tronc cérébral, qui convoie des informations somesthésiques vers le thalamus, avec une grande précision. ● lemniscus …   Encyclopédie Universelle

  • lemniscus — 1811, from L.L. lemniscus a pendent ribbon. from Gk. lemniskos woolen ribbon, perhaps originally or literally of Lemnos, island in the Aegean. Related: Lemniscate (1781) …   Etymology dictionary

  • Lemniscus — Lem*nis cus (l[e^]m*n[i^]s k[u^]s), n.; pl. {Lemnisci} ( s[imac]) n.[L. See {Lemniscata}.] (Zo[ o]l.) One of two oval bodies hanging from the interior walls of the body in the Acanthocephala. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • lemniscus — [lem nis′kəs] n. pl. lemnisci [lemnis′ī] [ModL < L, hanging ribbon < Gr lēmniskos, ribbon] a band of sensory nerve fibers in the central nervous system, usually terminating in the thalamus …   English World dictionary

  • Lemniscus — A lemniscus (Greek for ribbon or band [DorlandsDict|five/000058321|Lemniscus] ) can refer to: * In mathematics, a lemniscate * In anatomy, a part of the brain, such as the medial lemniscus or lateral lemniscusReferences …   Wikipedia

  • lemniscus — A bundle of nerve fibers ascending from sensory relay nuclei to the thalamus. SYN: fillet (1). [L. from G. lemniskos, ribbon or fillet] acoustic l. SYN: lateral l.. auditory l. SYN …   Medical dictionary

  • lemniscus — n. a ribbon like tract of nerve tissue conveying information from the spinal cord and brainstem upwards through the midbrain to the higher centres. On each side a medial lemniscus acts as a pathway from the spinal cord, while an outer lateral… …   The new mediacal dictionary

  • lemniscus — /lem nis keuhs/, n., pl. lemnisci / nis uy, nis kee/. Anat. a band of fibers, esp. of white nerve fibers in the brain. Also called fillet, laqueus. [1840 50; < NL, special use of L lemniscus pendent ribbon < Gk lemnískos ribbon] * * * …   Universalium

  • lemniscus — lem•nis•cus [[t]lɛmˈnɪs kəs[/t]] n. pl. nis•ci [[t] ˈnɪs aɪ, ˈnɪs ki[/t]] anat. a band of sensory nerve fibers in the brain • Etymology: 1840–50; < NL; L lēmniscus pendent ribbon < Gk lēmnískos ribbon …   From formal English to slang

  • lemniscus — noun (plural lemnisci) Etymology: New Latin, from Latin, ribbon, from Greek lēmniskos Date: circa 1905 a band of fibers and especially nerve fibers • lemniscal adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • lemniscus — n.; lemnisci pl. [Gr. lemniskos, ribbon] (ACANTHOCEPHALA) One of a pair of elongate structures attached to the neck region and extending into the trunk cavity; may act as a reservoir for the fluid of the neck region when the proboscis is… …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

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